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Queen News Of The World New CD G1398z

Queen News Of The World New CD G1398z

Queen News Of The World New CD G1398z   Queen News Of The World New CD G1398z

If there is any issue of any kind just send me a message and I will reply within 24 hours, if at all possible. CD The Media Condition is NEW The Sleeve Condition is NEW The Tracks of this item include: 1.

New Pure Analog Cut 2. We Will Rock You 2:01 3.

We Are The Champions 2:59 4. Sheer Heart Attack 3:24 5. All Dead, All Dead 3:09 6.

Spread Your Wings 4:32 7. Fight From The Inside 3:03 8. Get Down, Make Love 3:51 9. Sleeping On The Sidewalk 3:07 10. Who Needs You 3:07 11. It's Late 6:27 12. My Melancholy Blues 3:29 13. Bob Ludwig 2011 Master 14. We Will Rock You 2:01 15. We Are The Champions 2:59 16. Sheer Heart Attack 3:26 17.

All Dead, All Dead 3:10 18. Spread Your Wings 4:34 19. Fight From The Inside 3:03 20. Get Down, Make Love 3:51 21.

Sleeping On The Sidewalk 3:06 22. Who Needs You 3:05 23. It's Late 6:26 24. My Melancholy Blues 3:29 25.

We Will Rock You Alternative Version 2:29 27. We Are The Champions Alternative Version 4:33 28. Sheer Heart Attack Original Rough Mix 4:17 29.

All Dead, All Dead Original Rough Mix 3:08 30. Spead Your Wings Alternative Take 4:56 31. Fight From The Inside Demo Vocal Version 3:08 32. Get Down, Make Love Early Take 4:02 33.

Sleeping On The Sidewalk Live In The USA 1977 3:49 34. Who Needs You Acoustic Take 2:46 35. It's Late Alternative Version 6:44 36. My Melancholy Blues Original Rough Mix 3:36 37.

Feelings Feelings Take 10, July 1977 1:55 39. We Will Rock You BBC Session 1:36 40. We Will Rock You Fast BBC Session 2:52 41. Spread Your Wings BBC Session 5:33 42. It's Late BBC Session 6:39 43. My Melancholy Blues BBC Session 3:13 44. We Will Rock You Backing Track 2:03 45. We Are The Champions Backing Track 2:59 46. Spread Your Wings Instrumental 4:23 47.

Fight From The Inside Instrumental 3:02 48. Get Down, Make Love Instrumental 3:49 49. It's Late USA Radio Edit 1978 3:52 50. Sheer Heart Attack Live In Paris 1979 3:35 51. We Will Rock You Live In Tokyo 1982 2:55 52.

My Melancholy Blues Live In Houston 1977 3:48 53. Get Down, Make Love Live In Montreal 1981 4:35 54.

Spread Your Wings Live In Europe 1979 5:20 55. We Will Rock You Live At The MK Bowl 1982 2:08 56.

We Are The Champions Live At The MK Bowl 1982 3:32 57. Queen : The American Dream Documentary 56:00 We Use Stock Images Because we have over 2 million items for sale we have to use stock images, this listing does not include the actual image of the item for sale. For example: some of our stock images include stickers, labels, price tags, hyper stickers, obi's, promotional messages, signatures and or writing which may not be available in the actual item.

The Sleeve When we describe the sleeve we are describing the printed paper cover or booklet that is included inside the case. The case is not part of the sleeve. CD Version CD's are released in many editions and variations, such as standard edition, re-issue, demonstration demo, not for sale, promotional promo, special edition, limited edition, and many other editions and versions. The CD you receive could be any of these editions or variations. This CD Inner and Outer Sleeve For this specific sale the CDs sleeve condition refers only to the inner paper insert sleeve, and does not refer to the outer digipak, jewel case or cardboard outer casing.

The outer casing is replaceable and has no value and is provided within this sale as packaging only. Grading Our CD's are graded by the worldwide record industry standard called the'Record Grading 101: Understanding The Goldmine Grading Guide'. Search this term on Google if you have any queries about how music stores and collectors grade the CD's and their sleeves.

Gift Ideas This is a great gift idea. Hours of Service We have many warehouses, some of the warehouses process orders seven days a week, but the Administration Support Staff are located at a head office location, outside of the warehouses, and typically work only Monday to Friday. Location ID 1398z iHaveit SKU ID 154797953 Unique Reference Number iHav-UNI-5784267.
Queen News Of The World New CD G1398z   Queen News Of The World New CD G1398z